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Aquatic Weed Control

Keeping your lake or pond healthy

As your pond matures, the more likely you will have to deal with aquatic pond weeds. From submerged weeds, such as Naiad or American Pondweed, to emergent weeds, such as cattails. We have the solutions to identify and control your weeds.

Successful weed control starts with proper identification. The more mature your pond, the more you have to deal with pond weeds. They are not only annoying but they can choke the life out of the delicate ecosystem if action is not taken. From submerged weeds to shoreline weeds, we have the basics covered to get your pond back on track.

Richmond Fisheries offers this service any time of the year, anywhere in the United States. Various elements, depending on the season, will have an effect on your water, so do not delay in having your water tested.

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